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Coil Processing

Slitter Stand

Heads are available from 3" to 10" diameter arbors with standard or precision tolerances up to 60" lockup. Options include: AC & DC drive systems, multi-speed gear boxes, powered out board housing, stationary or removable heads, entry tables, exit pinch rolls, integral scrap winders and rewinders.


Available from 6K to 30K capacity. Up to 60" wide. Full range of available options: manual or hydraulic drums, AC & DC drives, multi-speed gearboxes, hydraulic push off & hold down rolls, overarm separators, etc.


Available from 3K to 30K capacity. Up to 60" wide. Full range of available options: manual or hydraulic expansion, link or wedge type drums, air & water cooled brakes, DC drives, hold down rolls, hydraulic center drive, hydraulic sliding base, auto brake control.

Double Uncoiler

Designed to receive coils on one arbor as the opposite arbor is in use paying out. Available from 6K to 30K capacity. Full range of options: manual or hydraulic expansion, link or wedge type drums, air or water cooled brakes, center drives, hold down rolls, slide base, auto brake control. Standard features include hydraulic rotation & position lock, and large diameter backplates.

Collapsable Recoiler

From 6" - 24" diameter and up to 60" wide, K&S drums are offered in a shaft or flange mount design with starting slots or material gripper (manual or hydraulic). Collapsible drums are available in hydraulic or manual expansion. We offer standard wrapper or special 4140 wrapper with options for chrome plating and nitride hardening. Each replacement drum is designed and manufactured to retrofit your existing recoiler. Our drums are reasonably priced, well designed, built to last, and guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.

Kwik Cut Core Cutter

Automatic cutting system allows operators the ability to adjust desired width by .001" increments and number of cuts into database. The knife carriage travels to the precise width, stops and then cuts the core through a double beveled knife and air cylinder. This process repeats through completion. The cut cores can then easily slide off the drum.

Drum sizes are available between 6"-20" and can be changed and locked into place quickly and easily.


  • Easy operator interface control panel
  • Air actuated knife cutting system
  • Slide away outboard bearing support


Our Product Line Includes:

  • Collapsible Recoiler Drums
  • Core Slip Drums
  • Uncoiler Drums
  • Drum Reconditioning & Resurfacing
  • Metal and Polyamide Drum Fillers
  • Pneumatic or Spring Core Cap Assemblies
  • Pusher Plates
  • Stripper Plates
  • Bronze Shoes
  • Spider Clamps
  • Core Drive Discs
  • Separator Plates
  • Overarm Separator Tooling
  • Spare Parts
  • Service