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Scrap Winder

Designed to continuously wind scrap from a processing line into tight bundles. Standard bundles are 16" wide x 36" OD. Hydraulic motor drive for constant tension at all speeds, level wind attachment for even bundles, remote tension control valve and automatic hydraulic unload.

Five-Roll Flattener

5 work rolls, 2 pinch rolls. All rolls are alloy steel, heat treated & ground. Upper work rolls adjust by manual worm gear, hydraulic quick lift of all upper rolls, all lower rolls driven by hardened gear train. Up to 3/8" x 36" wide material.

Crop Shears

Shears are custom designed as stand alone units or as part of a processing line. Available from 12" to 60" wide with thickness capacities to 3/8" stainless. Options include: entry & exit chutes, pass line rolls, tracking bases, etc.